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Hexano is microfluidics cartridge contract manufacturer. We are here when you have a proof of concept and want to move to the commercializing phase. We use a wide variety of materials such as glass, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and plastics to make your design a reality.

Let us handle the prototyping & manufacturing. This will allow you to focus on your core business of development and distribution. Your products will be manufactured and assembled in an ISO clean room environment. Whether your application is in tissue imaging, micro-arrays, analytical chemistry, cell sorting, sequencing.....we have you covered.

Your intellectual property will always be guarded!



Our Process

Hexano was founded with the goal of solving your manufacturing challenges of microfluidic cartridges.  Our dedicated technical staff goes through a design review to make your device compatible with our scalable manufacturing architecture.

Our Material

There are many considerations when choosing the proper material for your microfluidic cartridge or Lab-on-a-Chip. We specialize in combining different material layers to get the desired performance. Here are a few common material we work with:

  • Glass

  • Ceramics (SiN, SiC, etc.)

  • Silicon

  • Plastic (COC, PMMA, PS, ABS, etc.)

  • PDMS

Component Manufacturing

We do most of our component manufacturing in-house using the following processes:

  • Die Cutting

  • Roll-to-roll Laser cutting

  • Robotic Drag Knife

  • PDMS Casting

  • Hot Embossing

  • Injection Molding (Partnership)

  • Drilling and Milling

  • Glass Machining

  • Surface Grinding

  • Lapping/Polishing

  • Dicing

  • Coatings (Partnership)



Tel: 1-800-695-0021


Contact us to see how we can assist you in commercializing your Microfluidic Chips.

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